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About us

   Qingdao zhengyu food machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a professional production of pig, ox, sheep slaughter equipment comprehensive private enterprise, the company is located in known as "the Oriental Switzerland," said the coastal city of Qingdao, JiaoZhou, here, the transportation is convenient, the distance with three high-speed less than two miles. The company DuoNian to through the tireless efforts of all the staff and innovation, in the slaughter equipment industry already is in the lead.

  Since venture since positive development and research high-end mechanical products and processes, slaughter in slaughtering machinery industry reform continuously, innovation; Expanding the scale; Continuously by the high technology of high quality products to meet the social needs. The company professional technical and management personnel ready, with various manufacturing professional products and finish machining equipment, and is equipped with advanced computer aided design (CAD) systems and computer management system. Now has a number of superb technical personnel and experienced installation construction team, from the process design, manufacturing equipment installation and after-sales service formed the dragon type industrial chain.

I companies with science and technology as the guide, talent as the basis, strong economic strength, advanced production equipment and the slaughter process, fully absorbing foreign slaughtering equipment line to the latest technology, and combined with actual situation in China, actively adopt the feedback of the qualified to provide advice, as well as different grades of slaughtering equipment line, the design, installation, commissioning integration project, make the products of the company has the excellent performance, reliable quality, operation more convenient and so on the characteristic.

The company in line with "quality seek survival, prestige seek development" concept and principle, we sincerely invite friends both at home and abroad to visit.