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    • vertical wash Pig machine
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  • vertical wash Pig machineDetail

    Product name: vertical washing machine pigs
    Products overview
    LXJ-350 type vertical washing machine is a pig company in digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, and on the basis of successful development of a kind of advanced cleaning equipment, is big, medium-sized pigs of choice. Eleven
    This machine is composed of the motor, frame, roller components and PenShuiGuan etc. The motor drive shaft rotation, roller drum shaft of the plate and friction, and at the same time can PenShuiGuan spray, so as to achieve the purpose of MaoZhu clean.

    Equipment working principle
    Will the blood of MaoZhu put, automatic into vertical washing machines, open the vertical pig pig machine wash the switch, motor drive by small pulley rotation, again from the belt pulley turn to lead the big wash of cylinder shaft movement; By four ZhouZi and operation, and on into vertical washing machine on the pig MaoZhu friction at the same time, on PenShuiGuan to MaoZhu cleaning, until MaoZhu automatic the vertical washing pig machine. Then for a head of pig sent to a new round of cleaning and complete the work.

    The main parts
    The main parts have the following kinds:
    Self-aligning roller bearings
    Short V belt
    Long V belt