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    • Bridge type splitting saw
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  • Bridge type splitting sawDetail

    Bridge type splitting saw is my company in digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, on the basis of the successful development of a kind of advanced live-pig slaughtering equipment.
    The slaughtering machinery used in can split, its main by "V" type guide gibs, jaws, and saws, "U" type draw out the slot and other components, when can track along the conveyor sent to speed up the device, speed up the device in the promotion, through the "V" type guide gibs, at this time is to saw blades center back can speed up the device will be, when can fast, immediately saw blades can be split into two pieces of saw blades, the more wide after a "U" type draw out the slot, make the recovery after splitting can make hang state.
    Motor through the coupling drive spinning blades, from the "V" type guide gibs on the pig carcass saw into two, to achieve the purpose of split
    Can split into two general also way: one is abdomen to type, a back to type. The slaughter process according to the factory or operator preferences decision. General every split a pig needs 15 to 20 seconds of time.